The Messenger

I can’t call myself the creator because He’s the one who gave this to us

My name is Gabriel, I am simply the messenger, I will be in the game to guide you through the levels

There are 7 levels guiding you through the process of finding your gift and developing it into a business to interact with others and help each other grow

You can skip to level three or higher if you schedule a free consultation with myself or another commander.


Diffyset stands for ‘Difficulty Set’

The game is intricately designed within discord, an app for connecting communities

You will commit yourself to moving forward to find and develop your gift in this world

and that's difficult...

Which is exactly why it's important.

Free to join and gives you access to a like-minded community to assist you on your path.

Here to teach the modern strategies of wealth creation through sharing your gift and message in this life.

See you in the game...

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